Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020
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Insights and analysis from industry experts and thought leaders. 


“Trump And Pence Held Call With Wall Street Titans”

From Forbes:


* “CNBC reported that a general idea that emerged during the call was that the U.S. economy must be stabilized and that the economic shutdowns associated with controlling the virus cannot go on forever.”


"Nobody Told Domino's About Economic Crash, Chain Looks To Hire Whopping 10K"

From Western Journal


* If your business is based on delivery - you could thrive in this marketplace!


“FBI Using Fitness App to Track You”

From Web pro News:


* "In view of that statement, it looks as though it is technically possible for the FBI to legally justify using the app for surveillance. Consider yourself forewarned."