Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - July 3, 2020

July 03, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Did you know that it is now possible to get a life insurance policy in just a few days? The industry has made great advancements in Accelerated Underwriting (AU). See the article below from Think Advisor.



"Why SaaS Businesses Are In a Unique Position to Survive This Crisis"


* One of the great advantage of owning, running and working for or with a SaaS business is the malleability and speed with which a well-oiled SaaS can operate.



"4.8M jobs added and unemployment falls to 11.1% as more states reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns"

From USA Today:

* The U.S. economy added a record 4.8 million jobs in June as states continued to allow businesses shuttered by the coronavirus to reopen and more Americans went back to work, even as massive layoffs have persisted. 

The unemployment rate fell to 11.1% from 13.3% in May, the Labor Department said Thursday.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg had estimated that 3.1 million jobs were added in June.



"Why one strategist is actually encouraged by a spike in new U.S. coronavirus cases"

From  Market Watch:

* He notes, for example, the median age of new positive cases in Florida has declined from 50 in April to 33 in recent days, and that, crucially, deaths are declining even as new cases pile up. Besides the point that new cases are being detected more because testing has increased, and that younger and healthier people are getting the disease, Wood raises the possibility that, like severe acute respiratory syndrome, COVID-19 could simply burn itself out as it mutates into a less virulent form over time.

“If such is indeed the case, it is extremely bullish. Investors should certainly keep an open mind on such a possibility,” Wood says. More good news on the coronavirus front comes from Western Europe, as new cases and deaths, outside of the U.K., are roughly 90% lower eight weeks into reopening.



"6 Rolls of Toilet Paper v. Life Insurance"

From  Think Advisor:

* AU programs are expanding, not contracting — and these expansions are likely to be with us more than just short-term. We have seen AU programs double in face amount availability, with many carriers making it possible for applicants ages up to 60 (and, at some carriers, higher) to obtain up to $5 million of death benefit in days, not weeks or months.




Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here