Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - August 2, 2020

August 02, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Do you know how to insulate your estate from creditors using insurance? 

See the article below from JD Supra.


"7 organizational tools every business owner needs"

From Emyth:

* Business owners often face a frustrating dilemma: They’re so busy with the tactical work of their business, they can’t find time to create the structure needed to escape that tactical work. It’s an overwhelming cycle that—for many—feels inescapable, especially during unpredictable times. But I promise it’s not. It’s not easy to escape it, but it’s not impossible.


"Have the teachers unions cut their own throats? Homeschooling interest surges amid COVID shutdowns"

From American Thinker:

* It's as if the teachers' unions, at bloated school districts such as Los Angeles County, where very little learning takes place anyway, are now about to realize that parents and kids don't need them if they can't bring themselves to teach kids as they always have done -- even under COVID-style socially distancing with outdoor instruction, if possible. You can bet they'll try to stop this trend, but the genie is out of the bottle. The demise of the public school systems as they've made themselves now, is part of the bursting of the academic bubble, described by Glenn Reynolds in his excellent book "The New School." Leave it up to the overreach of the teachers unions to hasten it, and sure enough, hasten their own demise.


"A Top Doctor Answers My Burning Questions About Coronavirus"

From Townhall:

* Drama sells. Good news doesn’t bring in big ratings. Our news media has become flawed in their constant fixation on showing a particular narrative they’ve chosen to push. Right now, they have tunnel vision about only reporting on the high number of new cases, full hospitals, ICUs overwhelmed, but barely a mention of how the daily number of deaths has been declining over the past 2 months. All this does is continue to spike the public’s panic and fear over this virus when it’s not necessary. If you’re not going to balance the news with a look at both sides of an equation then yes, the numbers of coronavirus are going up because we have gotten better at testing and more people are getting tested, but the number of people dying from this virus has dropped substantially because we’re getting much better at knowing how to treat it to prevent deaths. To me, this is irresponsible journalism. There should be no agenda in our news – do your job and report the facts from all angles.


"Take the Proper Steps to Insulate Your Estate from Creditors"

From JD Supra:

* One way to protect your assets from creditors is to secure adequate insurance coverage. This includes several types of insurance policies.


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here