"Honoring Your Parents" Table of Contents

Honor Your Parents and Choose a Long Life

Our parents are often the most important influencers in our lives. As such, our relationships with them can significantly impact the quality and even quantity of our years.

I recently laid my mother to rest. She fought a long battle with illness and at every step along the way she attempted to fend off death and embrace whatever ray of light the new day... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: Dealing With Their Bigotry

While bigotry and prejudice still run rampant in many ways, America is a country that works tirelessly to fight discrimination. I can’t think of another nation in the world that takes a stronger stance against persecution based on race, color, religion, political views, gender, economic class, or other personal qualities.

We are far from perfect in this ongoing battle, but significant strides have been made in... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: Learning From How They Started Over

As we enter a new year, we often take the time to reevaluate and look ahead with excitement and motivation. Aren’t you thankful that life is full of these second chances? That you always have an opportunity to try again, to grow, to learn, and to improve? This is a valuable life lesson that I learned from... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: How Would They Deal With Trump Hysteria?

Recent political events have caused people to react in sad, ugly, and hurtful ways. We hear of people cutting off their friends and family based on whom they support, and the internet is abounding with negativity. All of this behavior is completely unnecessary and only serves to drag us down and bring out the worst in us.

Agree to Disagree: I grew up in a family where political discussions were a regular family activity. Nobody ever agreed with... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: Feeling For Them, Not With Them

Getting old is a challenge. For many people, it is probably the ultimate test in life as they realize they are not invincible and that their mortality is a reality. As each day goes by, their strength, vitality, and overall physical condition weaken. They may find that everyday activities are harder to get through and that they don’t bounce back as quickly.

Aging is also difficult for family members. Those of us who have walked with our parents through the... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: Do You Know How to Die?

Do you know how to die? That’s probably not a question you get asked every day. Most people don’t want to think about it, and I can’t say I blame them. While those in dangerous occupations, such as police officers or soldiers, are forced to deal with the reality of death, the rest of us tend to put it off until a terminal illness or other tragic event occurs.

When people decide to buy life insurance, they are, in some way, acknowledging the fact that... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: Is It Wrong to Want Die?

What would you do if somebody told you they wanted to die? After the initial shock, your response would greatly depend on the relationship you have with the person who asked the question. For example, if a family member broached this question, you would do whatever you could to help them. If a perfect stranger asked it while perched on a bridge as you passed by, you would be... READ MORE

Honoring Your Parents: Accepting the Death of a Loved One

When someone close to us dies, it turns our world upside down. Whether it’s a friend, a coworker, or a neighborhood acquaintance, death often evokes upsetting emotions. These emotions can go to the extreme when it’s a parent’s death you are facing. As our parents reach the end of their life, it can be excruciatingly difficult for us to deal with the fact that... READ MORE