There are people intent on doing great harm to Jewish children. 
They are sadistically hurting both boys and girls.
They are preventing these children from leading fully religious lives.

They are not black militants, fascist Democrats, Islamists, or violent white nationalists.
They are not fueled by anti-Semitism.

Do you know who they are?

They are Jewish parents, brothers, uncles, teachers, school masters, camp counselors, and neighbors.

And they are sexually abusing Jewish children all the time.

Sure, teach your kids to avoid menacing black kids on a street corner. But if you don’t also teach them TO NOT LET ANYBODY TOUCH THEIR BODY WITHOUT PERMISSION, you could be setting them up for an attack by somebody you think you can trust.

Basic self-defense should teach your kids to protect themselves against ANYBODY who attempts to do them harm.

It goes without saying that this applies to Christian kids… Boy Scouts… every kid.

Check out this debacle in Australia.
And yes, the predator is a woman.

“That indoctrination into the need for secrecy, from her earliest years, would seem to make Erlich the unlikeliest of candidates to be a whistleblower, or to stand up in any way against the powerful inner sanctum of her Jewish community. Yet she and two of her sisters have accused Malka Leifer, a 52-year-old mother of eight and their former principal at the Adass Israel School, of sexual assault and rape.”

Jews aren’t alone, or uniquely culpable, in not dealing properly with sexual assault. We’ve all heard of the scandals in the Catholic Church—and other religions have been hit, too. All religious hierarchies have a similar impulse, almost by nature; governments that are not of them—secular governments, or governments of another religion—can’t be trusted fully to understand them.

“In 2013, in response to reports that child sexual abusers had been moved within the institutions to which they were attached instead of being reported to the police, the Australian government established the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Over the next five years, the commissioners examined in granular detail the history of child sexual abuse in Australia’s religious and nonreligious institutions, hearing evidence at 57 public hearings held around the country. They also held private sessions at which more than 8,000 personal stories of child sexual abuse were heard in a protective environment.
Testimony from the public hearings is available on the commission’s website. It will crack you like an egg. The commissioners examined the responses of the local Catholic Archdiocese, Anglican Archdiocese, the Salvation Army, the YMCA, the Boy Scouts. They heard evidence about the response of the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy to child sexual abuse complaints in their orphanages. They examined state government responses, police responses. Heard about abuse in youth detention centers, foster homes, homes for indigenous children, homes for disabled children. Abuse in schools run by the Marist Brothers, the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church—and in Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi in Sydney, schools run by the Chabad sect of Hasidim.”

“The Adass Israel School was not investigated by the commission, and the Adass Israel and Chabad Lubavitch communities differ in many respects. Nevertheless, the evidence from the yeshiva hearings and the evidence in Erlich’s civil case exposed similar dynamics around power and silence when it came to reporting child sexual abuse—dynamics that were not unique to these Jewish institutions.”