Five Reasons Why

Find out the five reasons why business owners, executives, and their professional advisors have asked Steve and his team to help them purchase life insurance since 1991.

Reason #1

A policy for every need:

We provide insurance policies for all personal and business needs:

  • Estate preservation
  • Estate distribution equalization
  • Charitable giving
  • Business loan indemnification
  • Executive bonus
  • Buy-sell agreement funding
  • Key person indemnification
  • Asset protection
  • Retirement planning
  • Family protection

Reason #2

Virtually all underwriting risks covered:

Our expertise in handling higher-risk cases enables us to find reasonably priced policies for virtually all underwriting risks, including:

  • A serious medical condition
  • A history of serious illness
  • Issues related to legal, financial, or motor vehicle record adventurous hobbies
  • Foreign travel, residency, or citizenship

Reason #3


All applicant candidates are pre-underwritten. This enables us to give both competitive and reliable quotes, to ensure approval at the rate quoted.

Reason #4

Complimentary professional consultation:

Our team of attorneys, accountants, estate planners, and specialist brokers can provide complimentary assistance on complex matters including:

  • Premium financing
  • Informal business valuation
  • Partnership agreement review
  • Policy audit
  • Policy performance assessment with regards to fiduciary compliance

Reason #5

Access to additional insurance products:

Our network of professional insurance providers is extensive. Through them, our clients can purchase the following products:

  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Fixed annuities
  • Employee benefits
  • Commercial insurance
  • Specialty packages
  • Corporate coverages
  • Medicare Supplements