Are ATMs Bringing the “Future of Money” to a Mall Near You?

You have probably heard of Bitcoin, an ingenius new “crypto-currency” based on the work of the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Bitcoin evangelists and critics alike abound – some say it is the future of inflation-free money, others say it is far…
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What To Do When Your Term Insurance Renewal Rate Spikes

There’s a good chance that when you first purchased a term insurance policy, you were focused on finding a low-cost…
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man at end of bench thinking

Life Insurance for the Walking Wounded: People With PTSD

People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are among the walking wounded. They have been through a lot. They are…
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pink and white rose laying on tombstone

Honoring Your Parents: Accepting the Death of a Loved One

When someone close to us dies, it turns our world upside down. Whether it’s a friend, a coworker, or a…
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hands crossed in suit

Honoring Your Parents: Is it Wrong to Want to Die?

What would you do if somebody told you they wanted to die? After the initial shock, your response would greatly…
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Honoring Your Parents: Do You Know How to Die?

Do you know how to die? That’s probably not a question you get asked every day. Most people don’t want…
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holding hands with elderly

Honoring Your Parents: Feeling for Them, Not with Them

Getting old is a challenge. For many people, it is probably the ultimate test in life as they realize they…
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President Trump

Honoring Your Parents: How Would They Deal With Trump Hysteria?

Recent political events have caused people to react in sad, ugly, and hurtful ways. We hear of people cutting off…
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black and white photo of parents sitting on tree

Honor Your Parents and Choose a Long Life

Our parents are often the most important influencers in our lives. As such, our relationships with them can significantly impact…
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How Can I Make My Dreams Come True?

Floating in the middle of the sea south of Thailand, there is a fishing village called “Ko Panyi.” The kids there loved to watch soccer, but had nowhere to play or practice….but they didn’t let that stop them. In 1986, inspired…
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