old man with white beard

Honoring Your Parents: Do You Know How to Die?

Do you know how to die? That’s probably not a question you get asked every day. Most people don’t want…
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Honoring Your Parents: Feeling for Them, Not with Them

Getting old is a challenge. For many people, it is probably the ultimate test in life as they realize they…
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President Trump

Honoring Your Parents: How Would They Deal With Trump Hysteria?

Recent political events have caused people to react in sad, ugly, and hurtful ways. We hear of people cutting off…
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woman carring box with plant from office

Honoring Your Parents: Learning From How They Started Over

As we enter a new year, we often take the time to reevaluate and look ahead with excitement and motivation.…
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Honoring Your Parents: Dealing With Their Bigotry

While bigotry and prejudice still run rampant in many ways, America is a country that works tirelessly to fight discrimination. I can’t think of another nation in the world that takes a stronger stance against persecution based on race, color,…
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black and white photo of parents sitting on tree

Honor Your Parents and Choose a Long Life

Our parents are often the most important influencers in our lives. As such, our relationships with them can significantly impact…
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The World Class Knows Life Insurance Solves Big Problems

 “World-class wealth begins with world-class thinking.” (1) Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold has this to say about money: either you control it, or it controls you. What makes the difference? The way you think about it. Even in the wealthiest…
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Champions Buy Life Insurance to Keep Their Dreams Alive

“Champions have an immense capacity for sustained concentration.” (1) Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold describes how champion performers are literally living their dream 24/7: World-class performers invest an inordinate amount of time and energy in selecting their major goals… When…
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Champions Cross Big Emotional Hurdles When Purchasing Their Life Insurance

“Champions are driven by emotional motivators” (1) What is it that keeps champion performers going when the going gets tough? Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold teaches that the key is emotional motivators. World class leaders know the secret to motivating…
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Champions See Life Insurance as an Eternal Gift

“The great ones separate truth from fact.” (1)              This is how mental toughness expert Steve Siebold describes the role perception plays in how we view the world: Champions use their critical thinking skills to…
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