Do You Dare to Be Different?

To be yourself often means standing out from the crowd. Many successful people know this. As a matter of fact, business writer Catherine Kaputa talks about how many entrepreneurs that have made it are contrarians. Here is one example that should be…
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Should I Buy Life Insurance For My Cat?

Estate planning for pets is a big field now. The majority of American homes have one. Attorney Rachel Hirschfeld points out that pets are property, so their care becomes an issue if the owner predeceases them. This is especially true…
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Consumers Still Need the Expertise of Product Specialists

Reason Magazine has run an article with surprising news – there is still room in the marketplace for small business operators! It’s encouraging to hear that small retail stores can compete with online giants like Amazon. I think it’s true…
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How Not To Play God With Your Kids

In this series so far, we have discussed the importance of not playing God in business situations – with your clients, with your employees, and in your profession. But this tendency to play God isn’t limited to the career world;…
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How Not To Play God In Your Profession

When you are in a position of authority and hold significant amounts of knowledge and experience, it’s not a big step to start taking advantage of your power and playing God. In previous articles in this series, we discussed the…
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How Not to Play God With Your Employees

In our last article, we talked about not pretending that you own your clients. You do this by treating them as the freethinking individuals that they are and not taking them for granted. This ensures that they do business with…
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How Not to Play God With Your Clients

We live in a culture marked by striving and entitlement. Sometimes those qualities are positive as they help us reach our goals and achieve great things. But getting what you want in business – and life in general – should…
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Does Your Life Insurance Need Special Handling? Commonly Asked Questions About the Purchase of Life Insurance

Congratulations for making it to the sixth and final post in the Special Handling series, where we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of underwriting and prequalification, unique challenges that can arise, and many, many questions that come up…
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Does Your Life Insurance Need Special Handling? More of Your Questions Answered

If you’ve been following our Special Handling series, you know that we’ve covered prequalification and underwriting and the challenges the life insurance process can…
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Does Your Life Insurance Need Special Handling? More Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

There are some things in life that seem so complicated that we often completely avoid them. In our Special Handling…
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