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What is an introduction?

An introduction is a simple but very effective referral.

Here is what you need to keep in mind:

A basic question such as “do you have enough life insurance?’ or “are you concerned about the price you are are paying for your life insurance?” is enough to see if they have a need to discuss their coverage.

They do not have to be in the market now. They should just want to make the aquaintance of a life insurance expert now, for when they are ready to make a purchase.

They simply need to be open to an introductory conversation with me, so I can explain our services and how we can help them. Once they agree, send me an email reviewing your conversation with them, and asking me to reach out. Copy them, and be sure to include a phone number.

Sources of introductions

You can make introductions to people in your personal, business, and communal networks, including;

Your friends and family.

Community groups.

Your clients.

Your employees.

Business and networking associates.

Colleagues in the same business, industry, or parent company as you.

When you talk to people about their life insurance, remember that they may have multiple needs for coverage:

For living benefits:
Wealth accumulation
Retirement funding
Long term care expenses

For their family:
Income replacement
College or trade school funding
Mortgage protection
Legacy gifts

For their estate:
Final expenses
Paying estate taxes
Charitable giving

For their business:
Funding partnership agreements
Key person indemnification
Executive bonuses
Business loan protection

Prequalification is the key to our VIP service

Prequalification is the foundation of our VIP service to every client.
It adds integrity and efficiency to the application process.
It enables us to:

Provide quotes that are both competitive and reliable.
Help underwriting run smoother.
Get our client’s application approved at the rate quoted.

You can find out more on our Blog: https://www.stevenkobrin.com/?s=prequalification

Leave it to the expert

How exactly do you make a referral to a life insurance expert – or any other professional, for that matter? Let’s look at a common referral instance from everyday life.

Suppose you go to your primary care physician for a routine exam. She checks your heart and gets concerned about your heart rate; so she advises you to go to a cardiologist. She knows enough in general terms to identify a potential heart problem, but she does not have the expertise to diagnose and treat you. So she refers you to an expert.

The same applies when you speak with someone you know about their life insurance. You may know enough to see they have a potential problem, but you don’t know enough to solve it. So you refer them to an expert – someone who knows the products, who understands underwriting, and who can counsel the client on choosing the right policy for them.

Term insurance is not always the right choice

Financial advisors should never have a bias, right? Their recomendations must always be based on their client’s needs and goals, right?


But sometimes advisors do have a bias towards a certain product, company or strategy. Maybe they have a good reason, from personal experience or research. Good.

But maybe they just have a bias.

I find this is the case when it comes to life insurance. Too many advisors take a simplistic approach: “Buy only term. Whole life is bad.”

Not really.
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