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Feelings are tied to finance

People tend to take a purely ‘technical” view of life insurance. They treat it as a simple transaction:

“When I die, my wife will get money to pay the bills.”

“If the business loses a key person, it will receive the funds needed to find and pay a suitable replacement.”

“My church will inherit a big donation from me.”

“The life insurance benefit will pay my estate taxes, so my heirs don’t have to sell off assets.”

This is all true. But it really is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the surface lies a wellspring of deep emotion that really is the motivation for the purchase of a policy.

A family provider loves his or her family so much, he wants to make sure they don’t have financial worries, so they can go through the natural grieving process they will need.

The founders of a business have poured their blood, sweat, tears and money into a new enterprise. They want to see it persist even if they tragically lose a key executive, sales person, or technician.

The supporter of a religious congregation has made the house of worship a second home for him/herself and family. Their good work should continue evenif he is no longerr around to donate.

And people of means don’t just have “possessions.” They have treasured memories, meaningful experiences, life milestones. They don’t want to sell off homes, businesses or properties just to pay taxes. They want to preserve these “things” as symbols of a life well-lived.