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Here’s 2 reasons why no one should ever tell their spouse they are a “financial idiot” or “terrible with money”. 

by Angie Carlson |

1.      Your financial backgrounds are different 

One of you was raised a financial household similar to The Giving Tree. 

The other was raised in a financial household similar to Pinnochio. 

Now that you are married and trying to write your own financial story… 

It’s not working. 

That makes complete sense. 

Your parents taught you different money concepts 

The experiences your spouse went through are completely unimaginable to you – people really do THAT with their money?

How you handled money before you got married worked really well – like the saying goes, if it isn’t broke, why fix it? 

2.      Your spouse is exhausted from the financial judgment. 

Your spouse has money regrets. 

Your spouse knows you hate how they handle money (even if you’ve never said it). 

I invite you to look at it this way…. 

Do you even know your spouse’s thoughts on how they would handle money?  Can they say those thoughts and not experience being judged from the one they vowed to do life with? 

Money fights are exhausting. 

Would you start a conversation knowing it was going to result in being screamed at and judged for doing things you thought were correct? 

As one of my past married clients put it: 

“Discussions with Angela are very comfortable and easy to have.  She brings confidence and clarity to topics that can be challenging and confusing.  Coaching sessions with her help bring out clear answers and plans for not only financial matters, but also personal and relational subjects.” – Aaron K. 

When you work together to improve your finances, other areas of your marriage improve too. 

Would you like some help with that? 

I help couples improve their communication around money so they become an unstoppable team breaking the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck once and for all.  As a result, we find the shared vision of their future.  The first step on that journey is to introduce yourself to me here:   https://calendly.com/carlsonfinancialcoaching/15min

Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

Carlson Financial Coaching exists to help those going through life altering events – including a life ending diagnosis and/or the loss of a loved one – manage their finances during that transition.