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Increasing Income In the Military

by Tracy Latona | Most people who join the military join in their late teens or early 20’s. Money is not a topic of concern at that age, whether it’s because they have newfound freedom of choices, they’re young and dumb and…
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Married and Deployed: How to Manage Finances During Deployment

by Tracy Latona | Deployments are a time of stress, anxiety, and frustration. Let’s face it; your whole world is turned upside down, and no amount of training can prepare you for the field. It’s hard on both the soldier…
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Navigating The Second Retirement: Civilian Retirement!

by Tracy Latona | Retirement…You’ve done it once through the military, which was an incredible and honorable feat! This time around, in the civilian world, the emotions feel a little bit different. Perhaps there’s a feeling of anticipation, or maybe…
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The Myth of Security Clearance and Credit Score

by Tracy Latona | Do you need to have a good credit score to have a security clearance?  Many times, soldiers and contractors are led to believe that they have to have a credit card to build their credit to keep…
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