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The life insurance salesman must really be a “renaissance man”…part business owner, part financial professional, part spiritual guide. I want to share with you a few things about myself, my company, and my life.

Do You Dare to Be Different?

To be yourself often means standing out from the crowd. Many successful people know this. As a matter of fact, business writer Catherine Kaputa talks about how many entrepreneurs that have made it are contrarians. Here is one example that should be…
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Listen to My Radio Show Interview!

Listen to my recent interview on the WGSN-DB Business Showcase Show! The show’s host, Cece Shatz and I discuss life insurance, review unusual scenarios, and answer your most pressing questions about all things insurance. Listen to the recording now here!
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If I Could Teach One Financial Lesson, What Would It Be?

I was recently asked this question, and it got me thinking. You would think it’d be difficult to choose just…
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Land of the Self-Employed

25 years ago I promised myself that I would never again ask anyone for a job. A big move, don’t you think?. What led me to do this? Here is my story. I had been working for a distributor of…
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Why You Want to Be Grounded for Life

Every kid hates being grounded. It means you did something really wrong. But for adults, being grounded can mean you’re doing everything right! As a matter of fact, remaining grounded should be one of your life objectives. It’s all a…
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How to Walk the Walk

Are some people just better than other people? Do people act “good” naturally? Isn’t it enough to just talk about doing the right thing? No, No, and No! You know that talking the talk is easy. So how do we…
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Keep It Simple, Simon

Did you know that you can have a super-amount of stuff, but still lead a simple life? That you can have a multitude of accounts and businesses and assets, yet still not feel overburdened? That you can even be at…
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Are You a Wise Guy?

Wise guys are too smart for their own good, right? They know too much. They cop a certain attitude that makes them obnoxious. In fact…you probably know too many people like this. Where do they get off being such smart-alecks?…
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Keeping It Fun For Clients

Have you ever bought something and felt that the salesman wasn’t really interested in you? When was the last time you bought something and actually had fun making the purchase? Believe it or not, giving the client a most satisfying…
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How To Trust Total Strangers

Do you trust me? It is hard to feel safe in this world. On the one hand, you can develop a certain feeling of security when you grow up with the same people and have good experiences with them. However,…
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