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Do You Dare to Be Different?

To be yourself often means standing out from the crowd. Many successful people know this. As a matter of fact, business writer Catherine Kaputa talks about how many entrepreneurs that have made it are contrarians. Here is one example that should be familiar to you:

Growth entrepreneurs keep a pulse on what’s happening but don’t try to fit into the market–they try to appeal to where their customers are heading. They have what I call an “outside-in” orientation. They begin with the larger context–the outside–and work inward. After getting his MBA from Stanford, Joe Coulombe acquired a convenience store chain called Pronto Markets. In the mid 1960s he was intrigued with an article in Scientific American about how many baby boomers were going on to college. That article gave Coulombe his small idea. He speculated that those well-educated boomers would want a more sophisticated–but offbeat and fun–food-shopping experience. His name was Joe, so he decided to call his high concept grocery store Trader Joe’s.

My father Leon Kobrin, of blessed memory, was a contrarian. He was a pioneer in the tough case life insurance business. In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, he specialized in helping people get policies who were considered high-risk by the industry. Very few other brokers were doing this.

I have taken my cue from him and steered my own practice in a direction against the tide. It has worked very well for decades, thankfully. People often ask me to provide a “snapshot” comparing our firm versus the typical life insurance brokerage. Here you go. The comparison tells you what we do, how it is different from the industry trends, and why we therefore provided an advantage to our clients.


I sell only life insurance. The industry trend is for life insurance brokers to sell other insurance products, as well as investments. My specialization allows me to become an expert in this single marketplace.

Super specialization.

I sub-specialize in tough life insurance cases. The industry trend is to promote either cheap term insurance or large permanent policies, both for people who qualify for preferred or preferred best pricing. My sub-specialization enables me to find policies for people whom other brokers could not help.

Multiple distributor affiliations.

I am appointed to represent many life insurance companies through a number of different general agencies. The industry trend is for brokers to affiliate with only one or two general agencies. My multiple affiliations help me find good offers for people of all kinds of risk.

Efficient shopping.

Through Prequalification, I confirm the company, product and price before a formal application is submitted. The industry trend is to confirm the company, product, and price after underwriting has been completed. My approach saves the client, the brokerage, and the company time and money.

Approval as quoted.

The goal of my sales system is to obtain an approval at the rate quoted. The industry trend is to submit an application speculating that the approved price will be the one quoted. My system allows consumers to apply with confidence and make a very satisfying purchase.

Standing out from the crowd to get the job done right means claiming your own uniqueness. How unique are you? How unique is your insurance broker?