Sometimes you find out the coolest things about your clients 🙂.

Marv (not his real name) was an executive who had purchased a substantial life insurance policy for the benefit of his wife and young children. We had done a financial needs analysis to calculate the face amount, and then prequalified him to find the most competitive product and company. Underwriting went smoothly, and he became another satisfied customer…

… but for a reason I did not expect.

When I delivered the policy, I reviewed the costs and benefits of his purchase, as was customary. It was clear that he had provided his family with a large measure of financial security for a very good price. He readily agreed, but then with a wink told me that was not the number one reason he had bought the coverage. 

In his words: “Now I die a hero, and not a bum.”

For sure the money would make a difference in the quality of life his survivors enjoyed. And because of that, he would be remembered by them as a caring, loving provider who took care of his people through thick and thin.

It was to ensure this legacy that he had purchased life insurance. 

I found that approach to be highly spiritual. It showed that he had thought deeply about life, and the meaning of his own life. He was aware of his own mortality, and was determined to leave a favorable impression on the people about whom he cared most.

For him, the act of securing their financial future without him accomplished that.