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Read on and discover what others are saying about Steve Kobrin and his expert team of insurance brokers and agents.

“As I was considering replacing insurance, I contacted several insurance companies, and no one was able to get anywhere near the prequalified rate that the Kobrin firm was able to secure.

The prequalification process is uniquely helpful, because as long as you’re honest upfront, you know in advance the likely outcome and likely rate. This takes the chance of disappointment and anxiety out of the equation.

This is definitely the way to go, and I recommend it unqualifiedly. The level of service here is head and shoulders above anything else I have encountered.”

- Dr. Stephen C. Virginia

“This was my second life insurance policy that I purchased through Steve and, consistent with my first experience, it couldn’t have been easier.

After meeting with Steve by phone to answer some preliminary and administrative questions, Steve took care of the rest.

I didn’t even need to use my own stamps when mailing things to him… he provided that too. It was an easy, no pressure experience.”

- Chris S. Virginia

“I was referred to Steve by my insurance agent who had retired, and his recommendation was right on the mark.

Steve knows the markets, which is evidenced by the low rates I received for my term life insurance. I was prequalified and received a quote but — upon finalizing my application — the final rate was actually lower than the quote.

I am very pleased with my relationship with my new insurance agent, and I would highly recommend Steve to anyone.”

- Chris B. Houston, Texas

“Steve Kobrin is our “top gun” for insurance. He is diligent and extremely professional, as well as a very pleasant individual.

He is never too busy to get back to us and, should we have questions, he always gives us clear and timely answers.

It is easy to recommend people to Steve, because we are very confident that they too will be pleased with his services.”

- Dr. Michael V. Caldwell, New Jersey

“Before I met Steve, I applied for life insurance on my own. I answered some questions about drug use history, and I was denied. A black mark was put on my MIB record, and I couldn’t get any insurance company to consider my application thereafter. That was about four years ago.

Since then, I have used Steve — three times — to help me obtain life insurance coverage.

Each time, he has come through and gotten me the policy I wanted, from a brand name insurance company. And each time, he has helped me get an even lower insurance premium, through the Prequalification process.

Steve is always very forthcoming about the process, and he manages expectations. I would not hesitate to use Steve again and recommend him in the highest terms.”

- Peter California

“My situation is somewhat unusual. And I therefore knew it wasn’t going to be easy to find a policy. Yet, Steve was positive a policy could be found. And he was right.

I’ve used one other insurance broker, before Steve Kobrin, and there is no comparison in the quality of service.

Steve made me feel he understood my situation and had my best interests at heart. Everything he asked of me was clearly explained in advance. He was realistic about the effort and time involved. And he always returned my calls or emails promptly. In short, he provided personal service of the first order.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to a family member, friend or business associate.”

- Mr. K Upper West Side, New York City

“Dear Steve, Life insurance alternatives are hard to evaluate for me. But your prequalification process smoothed the way. I got a comfort level in making a decision that was good for me.

Also, paper work and forms are a negative in my life. But your office walked us through the process with little stress.

I have seen many brokers who can’t be bothered with the details, and that is where the help is needed, so thanks for making it easy.”

- Herbert G. Glen Rock, New Jersey

“After researching several options for purchasing life insurance, I met Steve Kobrin.

Steve provided the most comprehensive and suitable choices for my review, and his knowledge of the product helped me choose the right coverage.

He is experienced, professional, and understanding, and I highly recommend his services.”

- Judy P. New York

“I have a history that made it tough to procure life insurance, so it was important for me to find a broker who was able to navigate difficult waters.

Steve made all the difference. He not only lived up to his reputation, but also has surpassed my expectations.”

- Robert U. Delaware

“I have ulcerative colitis and had worked with some other brokers to obtain term life insurance, but I either got turned down or offered exorbitant rates.

Then, I found Steve Kobrin’s services advertised, contacted him, and started working with him. He explained how his approach to Prequalification acknowledges the complex variety of expertise among insurance carriers, and how he leverages his knowledge of carriers to find the best fit for an individual in advance.

And he was right: After he got to know me and understand my circumstances, he identified a carrier that was a good match. We submitted one application, and I was offered significant coverage at a reasonable rate.

Having this coverage is very significant to me and my family, and I recommend Steve Kobrin’s services to anyone seeking an intelligent, knowledgeable, efficient advocate, when applying for life insurance.”

- John G. California

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- Full disclosure, per life insurance advertising statutes in some states.