Read on and discover what others are saying about Steve Kobrin and his expert team of insurance brokers and agents.

“I got a term life policy with a very competitive rate thanks to Steve and the help of his very friendly, customer service oriented, and professional office staff.

I had a complicated case because of a previous denial, from a different carrier. But Steve’s knowledge and skill in the life insurance field made it possible for me to have coverage again, and to have peace of mind when it comes to protection of my family if the unexpected happens.

The prequalification process was strategic, very structured, well processed, detailed, and very smooth. I would highly recommend Steve’s office to anyone. They get the job done professionally.”

- Harry K. Massachusetts

“Steve made the process quick and painless. All I had to do was sign the papers and write a check. I trust Steve 100%.”

- Dr. Wayne F. New Jersey

“Steve worked with us for more than two years to find a company that would consider reviewing our request for a life insurance policy.

He kept searching until he found a company that made us an offer.

We appreciate his perseverance and professionalism.”

- David and Marilyn S. Ohio

“Ask Steve (a poem)

Should you purchase life time insurance? Don’t ask Steve. Ask your spouse. Watch your children at play. Then ask yourself the question.

Don’t ask Steve about the risks in life. Look around, read, and watch the news. Don’t obsess on the multifarious ways to perish. Yet understand that there is a number associated with your days here.

Now that you clearly see you want insurance, call Steve. He takes over. There will be a few phone calls and e-mails. No pestering. It all happens while you are busy with the reason you need the insurance in the first place.

When you receive your policy, good things will happen. You sleep deeper. Paradoxically, you take better care of yourself. After all, you’ve contemplated your value to those you hold dear. And you add Steve to the list of people to whom you are most grateful.”

- K. W. California

“This is my second policy through Steve’s agency. Steve and his support staff are always professional and walk you through the process with no hassles. Steve also goes out of his way to find the best deal for his customers.”

- Terry E. Missouri

“My wife and I recently decided to get life insurance policies as one part of our long term financial plan. Unfortunately for us, she was approved and I wasn’t. I have a rare blood condition that makes it look like I have leukemia (I don’t!), and as such, the insurance companies considered me to be uninsurable.

Luckily, my financial advisor had worked with Steven and had good results in the past. We first went through a prequalification process whereby Steven was able to gather more information about my condition and thus be able to find the carrier that would be most open to reviewing my application and take a “risk” on an otherwise healthy 32-year old soccer player and long distance runner!

Without that prequalification we would have kept applying to companies randomly and most likely would have gotten the same, unacceptable results.

Thanks to Steven and his work, I was able to get insurance by the first company he tried at a very reasonable rate. In addition, I was kept in the loop as to the progress of my application and the steps that I needed to take.

Thank you Steven; this means the world to me and my family!”

- Barton B. Maryland

“Steve Kobrin has helped me with my insurance needs for the last 18 years.

I have always found him to be very professional and extremely honest when it comes to comparing quotes and different companies.

I highly recommend his services and expertise.”

- Stephen B. North Carolina

“Steve’s prequalification process was useful to get a sense of the cost of various options for life insurance.

I could ask him any and all of my questions — I had a lot! And I felt like I was getting my hand held through the process, which was much appreciated.”

- Michelle K. Michelle K. New Jersey

“More than 10 years ago, when we just moved to the United States, we were fortunate to find Steve as our life insurance agent. He has been helping us with all our life insurance needs since then. We also recommended him to all of our friends.

His prequalification process is simple, fast, and no hassle on our side. He provided several competitive term life quotes, and he kept us informed at each step so we knew what was going on with our application. We always had answers to our questions right away.

Thanks for your excellent work!”

- Weiru & Jenny New Jersey

“As a self-employed cancer survivor, I wasn’t aware of the difficulty I would face in acquiring a life insurance policy. I spent months on end applying for coverage only to be rejected time and again.

I then found that Steve Kobrin’s practice specializes in high-risk coverage, and he was equipped to handle the pre-qualification with multiple insurance carriers. It took some time, but Steve ultimately was able to find the coverage I needed.

I highly recommend Steve to anyone who has encountered similar difficulties in meeting their life insurance needs.”

- Rick M. Coppell, TX

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