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“Dear Steve,

I found your services only after having at least six other life insurance agents fail to find a policy for me. Although I did have a pre-existing condition, you were nonetheless confident that you could find the life insurance policy I needed to start my own business, and you did.

None of the other life insurance agents I sought help from explained to me about prequalification and how it enabled me to be honest about my medical history without unnecessarily disclosing personal identifying information.

You made prequalification simple and found me the policy I needed when no other agent could. Moreover, the premium was affordable, and the company was a major household name and well-respected life insurance carrier.

Finally, when I was having difficulty with my bank lender, you stood behind me and communicated with the lender and helped satisfy their needs while preserving my medical privacy.

You are always only a phone call or email away. You respond promptly to any questions or concerns. You are truly a life insurance agent a customer can trust to find coverage for themselves, no matter how many times they’ve heard from other agents that they are not eligible for coverage.

You will always have my sincere thanks and I would not hesitate to recommend a friend or family member to you.”

- J.E. Los Angeles, CA

“The prequalification process was easy and straight forward.

Additionally, since I participate in high adventure activities, Steven has the knowledge to accurately access risk and ensure that I was not unnecessarily penalized by the underwriting process.

The actual rate for the final insurance product was less than the quote made during prequalification, which was very good.

Steven’s service was excellent. He was on the ball, addressing all of my questions promptly and completely. It was a pleasure doing business with him!

I highly recommend Steven if you are a skier, mountain biker, rock climber, or participate in any activity where risk needs to be managed.”

- Jim S. Ohio

“The prequalification process set the tone and framework, and helped make sure the application process would run smoothly. It prepared me well.

Steve handles his business with a customer-focused professionalism that I really appreciate. He manages the process and guides you through, for a good customer outcome.”

- Scott O. Pennsylvania

“The Prequalification process is very important, so that you do not waste time. It is straightforward and effective.

Steve was very responsive and met all of his commitments on a timely basis. And I would highly recommend doing business with him.”

- Alex F. Texas

“The Prequalification process was great. It went so smoothly. And I didn’t have to do much, because Steve very nicely took care of everything. He did a great job.”

- Rekha California

“A couple of years ago, when applying for life insurance on my own, I was denied due to my drug use history. A black mark was put on my MIB record and I could not get any insurance company to consider my application, thereafter.

Steve came through, however.

When I thought all hope was lost, Steve was able to get me the policy I wanted from a brand name insurance company.

This year, I returned to Steve in an effort to reduce my life insurance premium, since more time had passed since the original denial. As with my first experience with Steve, he was very forthcoming about the Prequalification process and managed expectations throughout the entire experience.

He did a thorough job of finding me the best possible deal and, within a short time, I obtained a new life insurance policy with a brand name company, for a significantly lower premium.

I would not hesitate to use Steve again and recommend him in the highest terms.”

- Peter California

“The prequalification process was simple, and Steve kept us in the loop the whole way through.

Steve explained all the different options available to us, and he helped us pick the life insurance policy that met our needs.

I never felt pushed into buying a more expensive policy. I got a sense of honesty and professionalism from Steve.”

- Jamie New York

“Great service. Very responsive and great delivery. Thank you for all your help.”

- Lokesh New Jersey

“After having months of difficultly finding a new insurance company due to my health history, I was nervous about the process.

Steve Kobrin was reassuring; readily available and patient with my questions; clear with the information he provided; professional in his manner; and extremely prompt and regular with his communications each step of the way.

There were no surprises, and the process of prequalification went smoothly.

I was relieved to be working with Steve, knowing that he would only match me with an insurance company if he was confident that I would receive a policy from them.

I would definitely recommend Steve!”

- L.W. Pennsylvania (in the Philadelphia suburbs)

“Steve Kobrin is a most honest, respectful and professional insurance agent. From the very start, he listens to your concerns and then researches various scenarios of policies that would best suit you.

He is patient in answering questions and never comes across as pushy or self-serving. The client’s integrity is always valued. His prequalification procedure prepares you for every step. He is in constant communication, letting you know what has transpired between you and the potental carrier. Knowing exactly what to expect for the medical exam saved me time and anxiety.

I personally had the experience of choosing to drop another carrier. My decision was two-fold. The first being that I was no longer happy with how my other policy might perform in the future. Secondly, I did not appreciate the bullying attitude of my other agent. I did not feel that my best interest was being considered. Optional scenarios were not presented until I made the decision to drop the policy.

I turned to Steve, who never belittled anyone, but did research to find another policy that worked for me. I asked a lot of questions as it was scary dropping a policy I’d had for many years. Steve answered them all and made me feel confident in my decision.”

- Gloria B. Gloria B. New Jersey

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