Read on and discover what others are saying about Steve Kobrin and his expert team of insurance brokers and agents.

“The Prequalification Process went smoothly, with Steve processing it through quickly. It moved right along with only a short amount of time until completion.

Steve is at all times professional. More than that, he does all he can to meet the needs of his clients and helps them to make very informed and appropriate decisions.

He treats each case as if it is special and the client feels secure and well taken care of. He is always accessible when you may need him, will explain the product thoroughly, and will answer as many questions one may have.

Time is never an issue for him. The client is number one.”

- Diana M. Illinois

“Steve made everything simple for me to do. He guided me through the process, and helped me find the best insurance for me.”

- D. G. D. G. New York

“I had worked with another agent for years. After discovering some issues with my heart, I was told by my agent that he could only find a renewal policy at a Standard Non-smoker rate, increasing my premiums almost 100%.

By chance, I responded to an Internet solicitation from a North Carolina broker, Johnny Watts, who proved to be a very good salesman. Johnny immediately referred me to Steve Kobrin, who responded quickly and was highly accessible throughout the process.

The prequalification approach Steve employs really put my health record under the microscope. Then, he worked for six months to locate a better alternative, not giving up after being turned down by his first choice carrier.

Ultimately, Steve obtained a Preferred Non-smoker rate — only about 40% higher than the rate I had gotten ten years ago, when I didnt have any of the heart issues — and 40% lower than the rate I was given by my former agent, who had access to all the same information.

Steve appears to live by Winston Churchills famous quote never, ever, ever, ever give up. I very much appreciate his help.”

- John S. John S. Memphis, Tennessee

“I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Kobrin on several occasions. In every case he has exceeded my expectations.

From prequalification through the application process to final approval, Steve and his staff kept me informed and prepared for every step.

I highly recommend Steve and his organization as they are true professionals.”

- Sam C. New Jersey

“All along the way, your prequalification process was helpful to me as a consumer in terms of promptly answering my calls/emails, keeping me apprised of the progress, etc.

You always gave me good feedback, including positive strokes regarding my approach to the application/information.

I felt like we knew each other, even though I had never spoken to you before we did this.

To other people, I would advise you to give Steve all the info you can. And you should ask Steve whenever you have questions about how/what to include.”

- Stacey P. California

“I was lucky to find your office through an Internet search for high risk life insurance. After reading your testimonials from other satisfied customers, I decided to give you a call.

Fortunately for me, you gave me confidence that you had the points of contacts and the experience to help me land term insurance… and the process worked.

Throughout, I appreciated your honest feedback… specifically, “the more questions the underwriter asked, the better the outcome”… and we did it.”

- Chris S. Virginia

“We had previously worked together to get me life insurance, and you did a great job.

Since my medical condition was improving, I inquired about getting the rates reduced.

The prequalification process worked well — it was easy to fill out the forms and to work with the nurse you sent over to collect more information.

You helped monitor the process and keep all the paperwork in line. You were available to answer questions and give updates very quickly.

The whole process was very smooth, and saved me lots of headaches and dollars. You were able to prequalify me at a lower price point!

Thank you for the efforts you put forth!”

- M.G. M.G. New York

“The prequalification was fast and easy to understand.

All questions and concerns were answered right away in a very professional manner.

Professional, knowledgeable, polite and very easy to deal with.

Thank you for all you help.”

- Alon New York

“I was under a short time frame. But I was disapproved for term life insurance [with another broker, due to my medical history].

Then, I was given Steve Kobrin’s name.

I contacted Steve and he started the ball rolling right away. Steve was successful in getting me a new policy — at the Standard rate.

As a result, I have a policy which will last to age 90. This really puts me in the financial position I wanted for my wife.

Steve, you’ll never know the peace of mind your successful efforts have given me.”

- Buddy North Carolina

“The part of Prequalification that I liked the most was filling out the papers and required questionnaires. The package and instructions were very clear, and it saved me time.

I haven’t worked with other brokers but, while working with you, I felt safe and confident. Your level of service is very high and customer oriented, well done.

I would recommend your service.”

- N.T. N.T. California

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