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“I discovered Steve Kobrin through an Internet web search for life insurance agents specializing in high risk applicants.

Because of a longstanding history of depression, including hospitalization at a mental health facility and electroconvulsive treatments, I was aware that I may not qualify for term life coverage at an affordable rate.

Steve conducted a very thorough phone interview with me, and he guided me through the application and prequalification process.

He was able to secure a ten-year level term policy for me, from a highly stable and top-rated company.

I would definitely recommend his services for anyone with a history of significant medical conditions.”

- D.F., MD Las Vegas, Nevada

“Before I found Steve, I had applied for life insurance through a traditional, large insurance broker and was declined after honestly answering some questions about drug use history.

This set off a 9-month frenzy to obtain life insurance, which had become increasingly important as my wife and I were expecting our first child. With a black mark on my MIB record, however, no insurance company would consider my application.

That is when I turned to Steve.

Just when I thought all hope was lost of finding life insurance coverage, Steve was there and came through for me. He was brutally honest and upfront with me during the prequalification process, but I appreciated his tough love. He was in constant communication during the process and always managed expectations.

With some hard work and lots of patience, I now have a term life insurance policy that will let my family and me rest easier knowing that our child’s future is protected.”

- Peter California

“I was fortunate to have not worked with anyone else but your company in the life insurance brokerage business. I am grateful for that because my experience was wonderful.

Your Prequalification service allowed me to understand the process better, while getting informed on my options. I enjoyed your experience and expertise, and I felt much better prepared to make an informed decision.

Your skilled guidance and prompt reminders helped me feel protected and taken care of. As a physician, I must say it was a relief to be on the other side of the fence, for once.”

- Nev California

“Not only am I a satisfied client, but as a Financial Services Professional, I have had the pleasure of being able to utilize your outstanding service and underwriting expertise on behalf of my own clients.

I am particularly impressed by your ability to get more favorable underwriting results than other underwriters I have used and, in some instances, to get reasonably priced coverage in cases where applications were universally declined.

Your prequalification process is extremely valuable, in that you can get clients with health issues pre-screened so as not to open the Pandoras Box of underwriting misunderstandings and misstatements that could otherwise complicate the whole process.

Feedback that I have gotten from my clients has always been positive regarding all your interactions with them, and they appreciate how you have treated them with such courtesy.”

- Robert H., ChFC, President Robert H., ChFC, President West Caldwell, New Jersey

“I want to let you know how much I appreciated your perseverance in acquiring a Life Insurance Policy.

As you know, I was faced with an Insurance Policy that had escalating premiums, and I would not be able to afford them in the future. I sought out and was told by several Insurance Brokers that they would not be able to help me because of my health history. One even told me that no one in the country would consider insuring me at this time.

I don’t know how you did it, but you did!

You were always positive about being able to help me, and you asked for only honest answers. It was frustrating at times, but you were always accessible to talk with and always encouraging in our conversations.

The prequalification process took some time to complete. However, it was worth it.

To those persons that may read this letter, my earnest advice to you is to call Steve! You will be surprised what he can do for you. And I would encourage you to complete the questionnaire, and to be very detailed and honest in your answers.

Steve, I’m very thankful that Johnny Watts referred me to you. And I would have no problem in referring individuals to you.”

- Donald L. Donald L. North Carolina

“Thanks for all of your help!

Who knew that a congenital heart defect that corrected itself would be the cause of so much anguish.

I am very thankful that I was referred to you, because you made the process seem effortless and pain free.”

- April D. Mississippi

“If there is ANYONE out there searching for life insurance coverage for someone considered “high risk,” do not be discouraged, because there is someone out there who can help. That person is Steve Kobrin and I am so thankful that my husband and I found him.

After so many failed attempts and denials, Steve was a breath of fresh air and the light at the end of the tunnel.

The prequalification process, I thought at first was too good to be true. The fact is, it wasn’t. Steve really does take the time to have a prequalification interview via a phone conversation and does some background work for the potential insured. This provides such a one-on-one experience, all the facts are made known and he can really work to research your “unique” situation. He took the time to communicate everything that was needed and was eager to receive paperwork, previous denials, lab reports, etc., to get the job done. When we were notified that we prequalified, we were very happy, but still, we were skeptical, for we had been jaded by past experience and denials, even though I strongly believed Steve was different from our first contact.

Fast forward to the day we signed all the paperwork and sent our first payment, we were ecstatic! Steve really delivered what he promised! Wow!

The prequal allows the consumer to feel confident about the potential to receive coverage and, in this way, does not leave the consumer in limbo, wondering what can or can’t happen, which had been our previous experiences. Moreover, the prequalification quotes were true and on point as far as the final premiums go.

Additionally, any questions we had were answered in a more than timely manner. Along the way, Steve will alert you to the steps that are currently being worked on during the process, underwriting and all. It truly was the first positive experience we had had in our search for life insurance coverage for my “high risk” husband, and I don’t know what we would have done without Steve and his services!

Thank you so much Steve. You have relieved us of a major stressor in our lives!”

- A.M. New Jersey

“I must admit I was skeptical as my wife told me to look at Steve’s website for Life Insurance.

I had been turned down before, and I heard that if you’re turned down for Life Insurance once, you may as well forget ever getting any. The ultimate black mark on any Life Insurance application is being turned down before.

But she kept badgering me, so I contacted Steve basically just to keep the peace in the house.

I was skeptical as he asked me questions in what he called a “prequalification” process — I was skeptical as he quoted me a low end and high end hypothetical price range — I was skeptical when the guy gave me a physical and drew blood — I was skeptical when Steve told me he got the results of the tests.

Then he called me and told me — not only had I been approved for Life Insurance — but I had been approved on the low end of the price range!

I wasn’t skeptical anymore.

I was relieved, surprised and extremely happy! I got life insurance! I sleep a little easier now. All thanks to Steve. He did all the grunt work. I just showed up for the physical and before I knew it — I was insured.

Thanks Steve. A huge cloud has been lifted from our house. And from my head.”

- Kevin D. Illinois

“I was required by a bank to get life insurance as a condition of a business loan.

When I was unable to qualify for life insurance through my local broker, I went looking on the Internet for a broker who might be able to get insurance for the uninsurable.

Sure enough, one of Steves many connections agreed to issue me a policy and I was able to get the bank loan.

Steves a very bright guy and really knows his business. Throughout the process he was great to work with — patient, understanding, and quick to follow up. I couldnt recommend him more highly.”

- Donald North Carolina

“I had applied over five times through other agents and organizations, but I was denied each time due to pre-existing medical conditions.

I was not sure how you would be able to accomplish what other agents were not able to accomplish, but you did so, professionally, and while protecting my privacy at the same time, through your prequalification process.

While the other agents and brokers had tried to help me, no one had the knowledge, expertise, or success that you had.

Your prequalification process worked for me when regular applications did not. It was uncomplicated and not overly lengthy. Whenever I had any questions in regard to filling out forms, status, etc., you were prompt, patient and always friendly in replying.

In addition, I was especially pleased with the company that you recommended for me. It is one of the largest insurance and financial companies in the country, and I had even more confidence, then, that the insurance would be there if it was ever needed.

Steve — myself, my wife, and our business will always be grateful to you!”

- Jerry E. California

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