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Step Into Who You Want To Be

by Tracy Latona | Financial stress is something that 90% of Americans deal with, according to a survey from Thriving Wallet. Are you in the majority? Let’s take a step back and see how taking control of your finances would…
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Last-minute tax saving opportunities

from Wharton Wealth Planning| Even though 2022 is over there are still a few ways to reduce your 2022 tax liability.You can contribute to or open up an IRA or Roth IRA (Backdoor Roth also) for 2022 through April 18,…
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Money Mindsets, Habits, and Behaviors

by Tracy Latona | What if I told you that taking control of your finances would create more time for what matters most, money, peace of mind, and allow you to be the person you want to be? Would you believe…
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