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Your life insurance portfolio is built in stages

It would be nice to buy all the life insurance you will ever need in one fell swoop. Just be done and forget about it! But like all important things in life – your close relationships; your health; your investment portfolio; your business; your home – your life insurance portfolio is built in stages. There are a number of reasons for this:

Budget: you buy what you can afford now. In a few years, when you have more money, you buy the rest you need – for now.

Increased need for coverage: many life events call for more insurance. These include: a new child; a new home; a new business; a new debt.

A strong desire to give back: as you get older, different causes attract your heart. These could include a religious mission, or a a health organization. Maybe a political movement. Life insurance could help you create a legacy of support.

Improvements in insurability: maybe you have lost some weight. No longer needs meds. Have been in remission, or recovery, for a while now. Given up an adventurous hobby. These are all reasons to re-shop your coverage and save some money- or pick up new a policy at a low rate.