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Your insurability is precious

Can you tell me the number one responsibility of a life insurance adviser?

Is it to help the client clarify his or her need for life insurance?
Is it to recommend the most appropriate product?
Is it to get the lowest cost of insurance?

True, these duties are all part of the job. But there is an overriding priority:
Helping the client protect their insurability.

Insurability is what makes you eligible for coverage, and at what cost. The more insurable you are, with regards to age, health, lifestyle, and all the other underwriting risk factors – the better value you will get from your policy. Your term premium will be as low as it can be, and your cash value will be as high as it can be.

Insurability is like your credit record. The better your credit, the better the terms will be on loan offers. For that matter, it’s also like your health. The better your health, the more you can do.

So it is essential to protect your insurability, just as you do your credit and your health. Does that mean you have to live a risk-free life, just to get a better deal on your life insurance? Not at all. But it does mean that you do not take your insurability for granted. Life happens. If you do not buy the coverage you need today, you may not qualify for it next year.

The number one job of the life insurance adviser is to remind you that your insurability is precious, and is your key to getting what you need out of your policy. Everything else he does for you, follows from that.