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When you avoid money conversations with your spouse, your body tells the story.

by Angie Carlson |

Your facial expressions have tells. 

Looking away from the speaker when money is brought up to calm the discomfort in your body. 

Trying to keep a straight, calm face to show the world and your kids that everything is OK. 

You settle for what you have, because it’s all you know. 

When I work with couples, our initial, no-cost conversation may be the first time they ever talked about money in their marriage.  A typical conversation about money is one spouse saying “I know you do _________” and the other spouse saying “I feel you do ________”.  The more one “feels”, the more the other one “knows”.   

Without me present, the conversation would end at this point. 

Having an unbiased, 3rd party listen to your normal money conversation for the first time, I can turn it in a direction where the conversation is civil and both spouses are heard. 

My coaching program teaches couples how to: 

  • Identify their individual money mindset 
  • How to share events that shape their mindset so both spouses have a deeper understanding of the other person 
  • The data that exists to brings facts into the day-to-day money conversations 
  • Build a shared ideal future 

Imagine your marriage a year from now after drastically reducing (or eliminating) the money stress. 

Less than an hour of time can change the entire direction of your marriage. 

I invite you to schedule your free conversation here: https://calendly.com/carlsonfinancialcoaching/45min