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The Seven Virtues of Life Insurance: #3 – Honor

Life insurance is much more than a legal contract that provides an attractive financial benefit for your heirs. It is actually a tool that enables those beneficiaries to act virtuously.

All told, I see seven of these virtues. One is Honor.

When we reach the end stages of our life, dignity becomes all-important. We could be less able to care for ourselves, and more dependent on others for assistance. Even those of us who remain blessed with good health and vitality, tend to lean more on others for connection. We have a lot to share, and much to teach; we need an audience.

And we often need guidance on how to answer those big questions about life – and death – that we never really addressed.

When we pass on, we are, of course wholly dependent on others to give us dignity. Proper body care, funeral, and burial are all ways our surviving family, friends, and community can give us the honor we deserve.

Life insurance pays for all that – and more.