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Healing the hole in your life

I have had some very deep and moving conversations with clients recently. They each dealt with the “taboo” topic that people like to brush under the rug: death; in particular, their own mortality.

The topic of life insurance can make you want to hide and talk about anything else. The weather? Sports? Your in-laws? Sure, bring it on. Anything but the scary reality that our lives on this planet don’t last forever.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid that fact. In modern culture, death is usually treated as something that happens “to other people.” To old and sick people. To unfortunate victims of crimes, or accidents. Sometimes, tragically, to young people, even children. One of life’s bitter mysteries.

But then people realize they have responsibilities: spouse. Kids. Parents. Home. Business. Bank. Charity. They understand they have a key role to play in the lives of so many people. That they are, in a way, indispensable; that their demise would leave a hole that could never be filled.

But then they understand that money would make it much easier to live with that hole. The right amount of life insurance would allow the natural and normal grieving process to take place, unincumbered by financial woes. A life insurance policy with sufficient benefit would buy the time needed to heal.

The hole cannot be filled, but the rupture can be healed, if your survivors are given enough life insurance.