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Importance of progress

by Angie Carlson|

This is for you if you are discouraged that the progress you want to see is taking too long.

Infants try to walk before they feel ready.

Pull themselves up on furniture.

Hold your hands to take a couple precious steps.

After lots of practice, they take those first steps on their own.

The proud smile on their face in that moment.

Hard work paid off.

They walked – alone!

It didn’t matter if they walked in month 8, month 14, or later, the infant did not quit.

The infant has no idea a medical timeline for walking exists because their brain doesn’t understand that yet.

Is walking a week, month, or year(s) late better than not walking at all?

Is reaching my goals a week, month or year(s) late better than not reaching them at all?

This question has been running through my thoughts.

While having a timeline in place can help stay on track, give yourself grace if the timeline doesn’t go to plan.

The timeline is a way to evaluate what is working, what has happened in your life, and what needs tweaked.

When you do the work, put in the reps, and take active steps towards your desired future…

Your day will come when you can say I DID IT.

Like the infant trying to walk, focus is PROGRESS, not PERFECTION.

Perfection would take a programmed robot that never needs a repair and a life that goes 100% to plan.

Progress means each day we are living life in a way that the result will be our desired outcome.

Go after the progress.

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