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Why Life Insurance is the Rock of Your Portfolio

People have all kinds of insurance in their financial portfolio: life, medical, disability, liability, home, auto, business…

But life insurance is the foundation of the entire structure. There are very sound reasons for this:

A claim is guaranteed.

Each one of us will have their last day on this planet. No exceptions. So, a life insurance claim could be filed on each one of us. No exceptions…

… assuming you keep the policy in force. If you drop your policy, your beneficiaries will collect nothing.

The benefit is a great deal, considering the cost.

Each dollar of survivor benefit literally costs pennies. And large amounts of benefits could be made available, if financially justified. So if you want to see a very attractive return on your premium expenditure, you buy as much as is merited, and keep that policy in force.

The loss of a family member or business partner can be catastrophic.

Few life-cycle events match death for their emotional and financial impact. It can take years to recover from such a loss. From a planning perspective, it makes sense to properly prepare for the most severe hazards…

…especially since it is GUARANTEED they will take place – and we have no idea when!