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What happens when money manages itself

by Angie Carlson |

Many people believe that once you have money it will manage itself.

That the rich stay rich.

This is not true.

There are those that have made a lot of money that have filed bankruptcy.

Here are four; Google “famous people that filed bankruptcy” to find a lot more.
• Stephen Baldwin
• MC Hammer
• Lindsay Lohan
• Toni Braxton – TWICE

Some have recovered nicely from bankruptcy and have a great net worth today.

Others are still struggling.

Why does this happen?

One word: CHOICES

The choice to spend more than you make.

The choice to give financial control to others that act in their best interest, not yours.

If you make $3 million a year and spend $3.5 million a year, you can’t get ahead.

If you make $40,000 a year and spend $30,000 a year, you CAN get ahead.

It’s not about how much you make; it’s about how well you manage it. 

​How are you managing your money?

Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

Carlson Financial Coaching exists to help those going through life altering events – including a life ending diagnosis and/or the loss of a loved one – manage their finances during that transition.