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Fear Factor: life insurance. Part Five: the fear of rejection.

This series of posts discusses the fears that prevent people from buying the life insurance they need. The fourth fear we will address is the fear of rejection.

People don’t like to feel rejected. We like to feel validated and accepted. More than that, we like to get what we want; to succeed.

This certainly applies to applying for life insurance.

In the life insurance industry, rejection comes in the form of a declination of your application: the carrier declines to make an offer. They don’t even want to charge you additional premium for a higher risk — they simply don’t want to insure you.

Many people have experienced this. No matter how tough you are, it is hard to accept, especially if you need the coverage. So they feel gun-shy about trying again.

Other people know they are higher-risk, and don’t even want to try to apply. They anticipate a declination, and don’t want to have to deal with the rejection.

This is all understandable. People are people. But it’s also why Prequalification is so important. This process enables you to test what the market has to offer without a formal application. You can get real quotes without risking a declination. It’s the smart way to shop, and also the most comfortable.