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From “We feel stuck and trapped” to “Our budget looks completely different!”

by Angie Carlson |

These are the words from a couple that worked with me.

When we started

  • They were not current on their car.
  • Constantly moving money to prevent overdraft fees
  • They felt like none of their efforts to dig out of this were paying off.

They decided then to do what most do not do.

Invest in their future by hiring me as their coach to guide them out.

What happened during our time together?

  • Car is current
  • Reduced bills by $1,100
  • Paid off SIX DEBTS
  • Saved over $6,000
  • Over $35,000 in debt GONE

“We now have freedom.”


P.S. Does this sound like a great Christmas gift?

Happening TOMRORROW – Yago’s Story

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​Especially at an age when most are piling on student loans with the hope that everything will work out as planned.

​Not Yago.

​He knew if he stayed on the paths he was on – he wouldn’t get what he wanted.

Sought out a better way.

Stopped procrastinating and became intentional.

​And when he started to be intentional…. well, you’ll have to come and find out what happened.

​Join us Friday, December 1 at 5:15pm Central.

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