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December Budget Items to Remember

Amy Greene

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and are jumping into December with both feet – ready to create a memorable holiday AND stay on track to reach your financial goals. I know I am!

There’s so much to do, and this is how I feel when I’m finally done – usually a few days before the 25th.

How ’bout you?

One way to stay sane with all that happens during the holidays is to create a plan for your money.

By now you know what that means – a BUDGET.

And since I need to be reminded of what’s happening in December, I figured I’d share the love and let you in on some things you may want to include in your December Budget:

  • Generosity – ‘Tis the season to give to charitable causes, giving trees, and those less fortunate.
  • All things Holidays – From Christmas to Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, too, let’s plan ahead.
  • Holiday Travel – Gas, snacks, parking, and checked luggage if you’re traveling.
  • Christmas – It’s here! All the gifts, the Christmas cards (and postage), the decor, and parties!
  • Increased Food Budget – for hosting and toasting and potluck meals.
  • New Year’s Eve – You’ll most likely buy what you need in December.
  • Increased Utilities – Baby, it’s cold outside!
  • Festive Activities – Make some memories and enjoy the season, if the budget allows.

December started Friday, so let’s get that budget done! You’ll feel good once it’s ready to go and you don’t have to guess what you can and cannot spend. Trust me! I’ve been there (and so have my clients).

And if I left anything out, please let me know.

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