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The Seven Virtues of Life Insurance: #1 – Healing

Life insurance is much more than a legal contract that provides an attractive financial benefit for your heirs. It is actually a tool that enables those beneficiaries to live virtuously.

All told, I see seven of this virtues. One is healing.

When a family loses a loved one and provider, they suffer a severe trauma. The surviving spouse and children experience one of the greatest losses of their lifetime, if not the greatest. They will need to go through a natural mourning process to move forward.

This will take time, and attention. And many times, it will take money – perhaps for grief counseling; to take time off; maybe even to relocate and start life afresh. Sufficient life insurance coverage will give them the opportunity to process their grief. The benefit will take care of the business of their household, while they can take care of themselves. Freedom from financial worry – whether their monthly tab is $10K or $100k month – will give them the freedom they need to heal.