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The Seven Virtues of Life Insurance: #4 – Legacy

Life insurance is much more than a legal contract that provides an attractive financial benefit for your heirs. It is actually a tool that enables those beneficiaries to act virtuously.

All told, I see seven of this virtues. One is Legacy.

What is your legacy? How do you want to be remembered? What Good Work are you doing now, that you want your heirs to carry on?

Many people use life insurance to “enlist” their children and grandchildren in supporting a good cause. It could be a religious organization that saves peoples’ souls… or a healthcare facility that saves peoples’ lives… or an educational institution that saves peoples’ minds.

The proceedds of a life insurance policy can be left directly to the charity that does Good Work, or to the children, with instructions to make regular donations.

Now they can participate in making the world a better place, just as you did.