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10 questions to ask your client about their life insurance

Financial advisers often ask me how to get the conversation started with their clients about life insurance. They know that odds are the client is not sufficiently covered, but need an effective way to broach the topic.

Here are 10 sample questions you could ask to get things going. It will soon be apparent there is room for improvement – and at that point you can recommend they have an introductory talk with a professional (me!)

  1. Do you have any life insurance?
  2. Are you sure you have enough?
  3. Are you sure you are not paying too much?
  4. Will your life insurance pay for long term care?
  5. Have you reviewed your current policy in the last three years?
  6. Is your term insurance going to renew in the next five years?
  7. Have you had trouble getting life insurance?
  8. Have you had an improvement in your health (ie stopped smoking; weight loss; A1C under control?) You could qualify for a lower rate.
  9. Have you had any life changes in the last year – marriage; divorce; new baby; new business; dependent parent?
  10. For your business: do you have life insurance to cover a business loan? Cover your partner? Cover a key employee or executive?