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handle with care

Does Your Life Insurance Application Need Special Handling? The Key Role Played by Prequalification

Life insurance is a product that almost all of us need. Regardless of whether we purchase policies for the benefit…
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Who is “high risk” for life insurance?

If you have ever shopped for life insurance, you know that underwriters consider some candidates “high risk.” This means that you may have a health, lifestyle, or other factor that could make you more of a mortality risk. The good…
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Resources for our Strategic Partners

What is an introduction? An introduction is a simple but very effective referral. Here is what you need to keep in mind: A basic question such as “do you have enough life insurance?’ or “are you concerned about the price…
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Life Insurance for Scuba Divers

Get Your FREE Life Insurance Quote Now We have a decades-long track record of helping divers—and many other applicants who pose a higher risk—get the coverage they need at a price they can afford. You get approved at the rate…
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Pat B.

“Your level of service was among the best I have received from any broker. The prequalification process was most helpful in expediting my insurance request and providing me with an advanced idea of probable insurability. You met all my expectations…
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Kalman S.

“I felt that all the possibilities for the best quality and value plans were considered based on the parameters I needed. This really put me at ease, and also helped me understand the process. Prequalification is a necessity. How else…
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Andy C.

“The prequalification process is a great tool that provides consumers with timely information with minimal risk to the consumer. It certainly is a unique and valuable benefit that distinguishes you from other insurance brokers. I would certainly recommend you to…
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Uyenthi T.

“The prequalification process was very helpful because I knew that there was an insurance company out there that would cover people with illnesses. It was also helpful to know what the monthly premiums was going to be. It’s a great…
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Kathleen D.

“The Prequalification process was fast, and Steve made me feel very comfortable about answering the questions. Don’t be nervous about it, I was surprised at how painless it was and appreciated how Steve made me think getting insurance was indeed…
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“As a salesman with experience in marketing and customer service, I think your service is great! Prequalification is an excellent idea. Your efficiency and prompt response during the entire process promotes a feeling of trust and confidence. Thank you for…
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