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The Seven Virtues of Life Insurance: #6 – Meaning in life

Life insurance is much more than a legal contract that provides an attractive financial benefit for your heirs. It is actually a tool that enables those beneficiaries to act virtuously.

All told, I see seven of this virtues. One is Meaning in life.

People often think you have to go on a profound journey to find meaning in life. Maybe you have to spend days in deep meditation… or at a spiritual retreat… or in the woods on a vision quest.

These are all ways that do work for some people. I also find that wealthy and sucessful people find meaning through their entrpreneurial activity. Building a business from the ground up is an extremely rewarding pursuit. It’s like building, furnishing, and inhabiting your family home, except it is for your “business family.”

Then what happens to your “business home” when you pass on? Proper estate planning will make sure the succession of ownership and management is secured – and funded.

And you know what provides that funding? Life insurance.