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Fear Factor: life insurance

In the many years I have been selling life insurance, I have discovered a variety of reasons for why people don’t buy a policy. Here are the top four:

Not important right now.

Too busy.

Can’t afford.

Don’t want to get declined (again.)

On the surface, they look as if one has nothing to do with each other. But once you take a deeper look, you can see they are connected: they all have to do with fear. This is how I would rephrase the objections:

Fear of dying.

Fear of losing time.

Fear of losing money.

Fear of rejection.

These fears are all very human, of course. But like every other strong emotion, the goal is to master the feeling, so it doesn’t master you. If it does rule you, then you can end up make bad decisions — like not purchasing the life insurance you need.

In the next series of essays, we will discuss how to take the ‘fear factor” out of the life insurance buying experience.