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Come join our monthly Zoom classes:

“Life Insurance Magic –

How to Make it Work for You”

A monthly educational seminar


No more worrying if you are paying too much.

Or if you have enough coverage.

Or even if you have the right products.

You can finally feel comfortable and confident about your life insurance coverage.

Schedule of topics:

December 14, 12 – 12:30 EST: The Disability Premium Waiver Rider on your life insurance policy: how does it compare to a stand alone disability income policy?

January 11, 12 – 12:30 EST:  Should I convert my term life insurance into a permanent policy? Why, or why not?

February 8, 12 – 12:30 EST:  What is “accelerated underwriting,” and should I take advantage of it when I apply for life insurance?

March 15, 12 – 12:30 EST: How can life insurance be used to indemnify a home mortgage or business loan?

April 19, 12 – 12:30 EST:  How should life insurance be used to fund a partnership agreement?

This is why I am running these classes:

I have spent most of my life in the life insurance business. I grew up in my father’s general agency, and have been selling the product full-time for over 30 years.

I know that life insurance is a Magical financial product:

It keeps families safe and secure.

It protects businesses from severe disruption and devastating losses.

It preserves estate assets. It infuses charities with cash.

It creates wealth – with tax advantages and strong guarantees.

But most men and women I meet don’t know that.

That’s going to change 🙂.

All classes will be held over Zoom

Recordings will be posted on my website.

Each meeting will feature a short presentation from one of the expert advisers on our team.

I will serve as host.

Pre-registration is required. Simply click here, and you will have access to all the classes.

Who should you bring?

Please bring your spouse, business partner, children, parents, accountant, planner, and any other family or professional adviser.

And please share this invitation with all whom you think would benefit.

I very much look forward to helping the magic of life insurance work for you!

– Steve 

In case you missed it!

You can view each month’s recorded seminars: