Read on and discover what others are saying about Steve Kobrin and his expert team of insurance brokers and agents.

“My vibrant, healthy seven-year old son has a brain anomaly that will not shorten his life and has done nothing to impede his development, however, he did have a total of 3 seizures by the time he was 5 1/2.

Because we have chosen to keep him on medication, we have been extremely concerned about finding health and life insurance for him. It was a great relief when I contacted Steve Kobrin through the National Epilepsy Foundation web site.

Steve was very respectful and helpful. The prequalifying process eliminated the fear we had about him being declined for coverage. My son was approved, and I am so thankful to know that I have this investment set up for him and his future family.

Even though conditions may exist, capturing your health today will be a big relief for tomorrow.”

- Donna V. M. Indianapolis, Indiana

“The prequalification process is a great tool that provides consumers with timely information with minimal risk to the consumer. It certainly is a unique and valuable benefit that distinguishes you from other insurance brokers.

I would certainly recommend you to others who are considered “high risk”.”

- Andy C. New Jersey

“I felt that all the possibilities for the best quality and value plans were considered based on the parameters I needed. This really put me at ease, and also helped me understand the process.

Prequalification is a necessity. How else could you contemplate a substantial service like this?

I’ve never been able to feel as much trust with a broker before. When you helped me understand the market you would be working in, based on my own needs and parameters; then I began to appreciate how diligently you were working for me.

Thank you for the opportunity to let others know about the great job you do in this line. It is so difficult to find someone with not only the skills and integrity, but who also truly cares. Keep it up Steve!”

- Kalman S. Monsey, New York

“Your level of service was among the best I have received from any broker.

The prequalification process was most helpful in expediting my insurance request and providing me with an advanced idea of probable insurability. You met all my expectations in a timely manner.”

- Pat B. New Jersey

“I have had Hep C for over 20 years and been turned down at least 5 times by people who said no problem. You said, “I think with what you told me it is well worth a shot!” Well – you were right!

Thanks for walking me through a tough process. Anyone with a chronic illness knows how bad it is to be reminded of it by the words “sorry,” “too bad,” or other words because of your past.

Thanks again, and please feel free to quote me to others who are sick of being rejected when they might give it one shot with you. Thanks again for making it easier to sleep knowing my family will be taken care.”

- Gary Colorado

“Steve has provided first-rate insurance and finance services to me for over 7 years now.

He is quite thorough in getting the information necessary to do the job right the first time. I receive replies to my questions within one business day. I would highly recommend Steve’s services to anyone.”

- Chuck S. Princeton, New Jersey

“I work for a large, regional insurance agency that provides life and health insurance services in addition to property/casualty insurance that I deal with. Even the people here in my office were unable to provide me with the efficient, professional service you provided.

I wanted to provide my diabetic son with a life insurance policy that could be continued in force as he ages. I knew it would be difficult. All of the other agents I approached, including the agent that handles my life insurance policies, were unable to help me at all, offered outrageous premium quotes or simply never returned calls or responded to me in any way.

You were the only agent that responded to my initial questions and was able to assist me to the end.”

- Sue S. Utah

“Steve was the fifth broker I tried in getting a reasonable rate for my 40-year old wife. He came through with a good rate confirming his dedication from the first phone call.”

- Steve and Laura S. Maryland

“Steve Kobrin is all about hard work, integrity and passion. He was simply fantastic.

Contrary to the myriad of other brokers who I have spoken with (it is clear that all they want is your money), Steve really cares and took the time to communicate each step clearly during the entire process. His follow up, attention to detail, organization and commitment to serving his clients was incredible.

Overall, his professionalism and ability to deliver results is beyond comparison.”

- Jeff R. Connecticut

“I am a 48-year old father of three, who clearly needed life insurance with a high face value. I had a problem with elevated blood lipids (triglycerides) and some liver enzymes. Blood work revealed it was most likely genetic. I had been turned down by several carriers and surcharged so high by my own union carrier that I could not afford the coverage.

I found Steve on the internet by putting in the key words “elevated liver enzymes.” How lucky I was that day! Steve worked with me, or really coached me during the entire process from application to medical and finally to policy review and acceptance.

I ended up getting a $500,000 policy at a price I never even heard the other carriers mention. My family can rest secure in knowing I have a 15 year policy that will protect them through the most formative and critical years of their lives.

Anytime I hear people talk about life insurance problems, I e-mail them the next day with Steve’s website. As far as I’m concerned Steve doesn’t sell life insurance. He sells a product that guarantees my wife and children food, clothing, our home, their schools, their neighborhood friends, Christmas gifts and most importantly a loving legacy from their father who can now sleep soundly with that peace of mind.

Thank you Steve, for the gift of peace.”

- Charles V. New York

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