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Do You Love the Pain?

Martial arts training features all kinds of pain. Daily practice, testing, combat, all cause a lot of hurt.

Obviously it’s not debilitating pain; if it was, you couldn’t continue. But it’s pain of various degrees that makes you want to stop.

The thing is, if you don’t stop, something magical happens: the pain disappears. And you find that you can keep on practicing, testing, and fighting.

The pain is very much in your mind.

Once you discover that, you learn to love the pain. You learn to welcome it as an honored guest, because you know it will lead you to the next point in your training.

People who persevere in business and finance, find the same thing. There are always stresses, strains, disappointments and frustrations. There are business losses, and investment losses. These all hurt.

But just as with physical pain, this hurt is also in your mind. It could and should be welcomed. Because it will lead you to the next point in your journey of success.

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