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Doing the Impossible

In my martial arts training, students test to advance rank on a regular basis. This is a very common practice in martial arts schools. In a school like mine, the test is all about being all you can be, as opposed to simply gaining stature.

And let me tell you: you really find out what you are made of. The demands of the test force you to push beyond what you think you can do, and determine what you really can do. If you have prepared for the test sufficiently, both in body and mind, what had seemed impossible, becomes a real possibility.

How true is this in business and finance?! How many times have you heard stories of entrepreneurs beating the odds and building very successful businesses? How many times have you heard of people starting off with nothing, and then making millions and even billions?

These people closed the gap between what they thought was impossible, and what was really possible. They found that what we consider to be impossible is really just a state of mind – and that can be changed with the right preparation and dedication.

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