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Fighting Devil Worshipers, Buying Life Insurance

Hi, Steve. Let me tell you about an absolutely crazy cardiac case we had a number of years ago.

A gentleman called me up, he worked as an evangelical minister in New York and he asked me, “Can you handle cases, can you help people get life insurance with a history of heart problems?”

And I said, “Yes, let’s talk.”

And so, one word led to another, I found out about his background and I asked, “So, how did you develop these heart problems?”

He said it was from his job. “What’s your job?”

He goes, “Well, my evangelical ministry, as the mission of combatting devil worshipers in this section of New York where these devil worshipers actually kidnapped children off the street for child sacrifice.” He goes, “You could look it up.”

And I did.

There were newspaper accounts of these abductions for that purpose. And he goes, “We are determined to the people in my congregation to fight this tooth and nail, but the work is so agonizing. What we come across burdens us so much that it weighed very heavily on my heart and gave me physical heart problems.”

Can you imagine that? And by the way that is very true, I’m sure you understand that a lot of times emotional and psychological stress has a physical toll.

So after hearing this story and the noble work this man was doing combating these people who engage in child sacrifice for devil worship. I really wanted to help him, and yes, fortunately we succeeded in getting him a very good rate for life insurance.

So, not only that I have a happy customer but I was very proud to help somebody who was doing this very good work.

One of many interesting stories, talk to you soon.


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