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Is Your Cup Empty?

In martial arts training, it’s imperative to always “keep your cup empty.” That means you are always ready to learn from any one who will teach you. If your cup is full with what you know, there will be no room for what you have yet to learn.

To your teacher, to your fellow students – to life itself – you present an air of humility.

Yet at the same time, you must develop a strong sense of confidence in yourself. You can’t advance in your training, and take on greater challenges, unless you know you can handle yourself. For sure, you can’t defuse confrontations with others unless you know what you can do.

But you keep this sense of yourself private.

You may notice that this is the exact way people of the world class conduct themselves. People who have achieved great success in both their personal and professional lives, are clearly people who know what they can do. Yet at the same time, they don’t make everything about them. They are eager to give credit where credit is due, and are always open to ideas that could take them to the next level.

Their cup is always empty.

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