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Martial Arts and Insurance – Two Forms of Protection You Need

My clients and friends know that I train in kung fu, and I am always asked if I can see any similarity between martial arts and the insurance business. The answer is yes indeed!

They both have to do with protecting you from getting hurt.

The insurance business helps you protect yourself from getting hurt financially. Life insurance helps your family or your business deal with losing you, without suffering a financial setback.

Disability insurance helps you pay your bills when you get too hurt or sick to work.

The same with car insurance, and homeowners insurance, and professional liability insurance.

In all these cases, you or your family or your business could suffer a huge financial setback if you didn’t have policies in place.

Martial arts give you the same kind of protection. A big component of martial training is self-defense. You develop the skills needed to make sure you don’t get attacked – or don’t get hurt if you do end up getting attacked. You learn how to avoid trouble; how to maintain self-control; and how to neutralize a threat. Without these skills, you could suffer great physical harm.

That’s why to me, the insurance business and martial arts training go hand-in-hand.

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