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Mastery and Life Insurance Sales

Mastery is a common ideal in the world of martial arts. We have all heard of somebody being heralded as a “martial arts master.”

What exactly is “mastery?”

As I understand it, mastery is when you are at your best. Not the best, but your best. You have “bested” yourself – achieved a level of self control, of self knowledge. Everything you do – how you move, how you fight, how you live – is an expression of the best you. You can therefore have the best, the most positive, impact on others, and on the world around you.

Mastery has also been very important to me in the financial world. You naturally want to do the best work possible for your clients, for your business, and for the world around you.

This requires extensive work on yourself as a person, as well as as a businessman, and as an employer. It also means mastering your craft. For me, that has been life insurance sales. I have always wanted to be an expert in the field. As you can see, that has meant being the best I can be, in all respects.

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