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Who Loves You the Most?

Everybody wants to be loved. People are truly rich if they are surrounded by people who love them. I mean really love them – not just like, or appreciate, or support.

And I mean true love: people who hold a place in their heart for them through thick and thin.

Who are these people?

It could be friends, or even lovers. But we all know that friends and lovers can come and go.

It could be your spouse. That kind of love should last a lifetime. We wish it would; but have you ever heard of people falling out of love with their spouse? I think it happens all the time. People get married for all kinds of reasons, and not always for love.

It could be your children. But children can get pretty mixed up with their emotions. Growing up, many of them lose their grip on their emotions. They can get pretty hostile towards their parents, even hate them. And especially these days, the number of children who actually break relationships off with their parents is alarming.

To me, your most reliable source of love is your parents. Parents have a love for their child that is virtually unbreakable. Parents will stand by their child through the ups, the downs, and every stage in between.

Hopefully, our children grow up and come to appreciate that.

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