Read on and discover what others are saying about Steve Kobrin and his expert team of insurance brokers and agents.

“Steve did a great job for me finding a policy that was almost 1/2 the price I was quoted by other insurance brokers.

It is frustrating to see the rates sky rocket because a company views being a rock or alpine climber as extremely dangerous. Steve shopped my information around and found a reputable company that gave me a good priced policy.

Steve made it easy to work with him being available via email or phone.”

- Richard K. Washington

“Your service was just fantastic. I have never had such great service from any person whether in the insurance area or otherwise. You were very kind, reassuring, diligent and accessible… very professional.”

- Alex M. California

“After a horrible experience with 2 different dot com insurance brokers, I found Steve Kobrin.

It was a pleasure to deal with a professional insurance agent rather than a telephone clerk. His prequalification process and level of attentive service is unmatched in the industry.

I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for life insurance.”

- Peter A. New York

“Steve was the only insurance person that I could find who would work with me.

I had given up on getting life insurance. Steve never gave up and worked hard to deliver results. If you have a challenging situation I feel confident that Steve is the right person to help you.”

- Rex W. California

“With Steven Kobrin’s prequalification process, what you see is what you get.

Unlike the big online companies that offered a great teaser quote than tried to sell me a different policy months later, Steve personally made sure I knew exactly what I was buying and that all my questions were answered.

He made sure the policy I got met my family’s goals and budget and took the mystery out of the process.

I’m pleased to have found a broker to work with for my future life insurance needs, and am happy to recommend Steven Kobrin to others.”

- Adriel H.

“I could tell you guys really cared about my needs as a customer.

The prequalification process was fast and friendly. I liked the fact that although personal/medical questions were asked, it didn’t seem like a series of invasive questions.

You were always there to answer question and give updates. I knew if I called or emailed with a question I would receive a response within 24 hours.

The medical part of the process was quick and painless. Your team of professionals came to my home, gathered their information and samples and were on their way within about 20 minutes—perfect for my busy schedule.

You went out of your way to find the right fit for my needs. As a self-employed person, I really value your level of customer service.”

- Joseph C. Tennessee

“Just a note to thank you for your help and diligence in getting me life insurance.

Having spoken with three other brokers in my quest, you were the only one to truly take an interest and afford me with personal service, rather than just e-mail me quotes. Your unrelenting pursuit to get me the proper insurance has resulted in both satisfaction and peace of mind for me and my family.

The service I received from you was second to none, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of insurance.

Know that through this experience with you, you have not only gained a client, but also a friend.”

- Norman S. New York City

“Guiding clients up Everest, climbing K2, flying from the Andes to Africa to Tibet and Pakistan, is my dream-come-true.

My dream just happens to be a life insurance nightmare.

I’ve grown my business by borrowing millions. All that debt has to be collatoralized by life insurance. In addition, I want to be certain my family is taken care of should an avalanche bury me alive. For years, only an excess market carrier would cover me. The coverage was only for Accidental Death and the premiums rose by 15% per year.

Then I heard about Steve Kobrin. He not only found me a far superior policy, he also saved me more than 50% in the first year alone. With this twenty year term, I should be able to save Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, while not risking the threat of non-renewal.

In addition, Steve’s service was amazing. He guided me with care and skill through the insurance maze, fighting a tight time-line.

I couldn’t be happier.”

- Chris W. Columbia, Maryland

“The prequalification process was great.

As an insurance agent with several years of experience, the service was excellent and I will definitely use again for impaired risk cases.”

- Raymond K. Y., Jr Fort Worth, Texas

“Thank you very much for helping me with the life insurance policy. The prequalification process worked perfectly fine for me, and I knew what to expect in terms of premium fee long before I submitted an application. The underwriting process has never been easier for me.

Of all the brokers I’ve contacted for quotes, you spent the most time with me, and you were thorough and truthful as nobody else.

Once again, thank you, and I am sure I’ll call you again if I need more coverage.”

- JK California

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