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Monitor Your Changes Every 12 Months

In martial arts training, your progress is typically evaluated on a yearly basis.
I see several sound reasons for this:

1.It can take as long as a year for your body to get used to performing new moves efficiently.

2. In a year’s time, you can repeat your moves frequently enough to make them second nature.

3. Mentally, you develop the long view. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight, over the week, or even over months. To be fair and realistic, give it twelve months to really get a sense of how are you doing.

And it’s very important to do it every twelve months, so you are in the habit of checking yourself on a regular basis to see how you might have changed. You can adjust your training accordingly.

The same thinking applies in the financial world. Twelve months is a good time to check in and see how you are doing. It’s enough time to get used to the makeup of your portfolio, and enough time to give that portfolio an opportunity to prove itself.

And most importantly, it’s enough time for you to monitor your changes as a consumer, as an insured, and as an investor, and make any changes as needed.

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