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Situational Awareness and Buying Insurance

The primary principle of self-defense is “situational awareness:” know where are you are, and what potential threats you might face. Are any clear dangers present? Any potential dangers? Anything out of the ordinary that might become a danger?

Basically, you do a risk assessment and determine what risks the situation poses – and whether or not you can handle those risks. This allows you to determine what you need to do is stay safe.

Wouldn’t you know it, the insurance world requires the same type of reasoning. You need situational awareness to know what potential threats are facing your finances. What could you possibly lose – your life, your ability to work, your home –  and how could you protect yourself against those losses?
This type of realistic assessment of the potential dangers of your financial situation, helps you decide what to do to keep safe your family, your business, your estate, and everything that’s valuable to you. It makes ultimate sense to buy the insurance policies you need to do that.

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